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Post Date Oct 30

Bruce Jenner verbally attacked by transgendered TV Host


Wendy Williams (who could have been born male as far as I can tell) is under fire for hateful comments she made about Bruce Jenner.

“Thank God he waited for his kids to grow up before making this transition or whatever it is he’s going through,” the talk-show host said.

“Can you imagine how awful it would be for those kids if he showed up with a blowout, a shaved Adam’s apple, pink nail polish, and smoking a cigarette at a PTA meeting? Could you imagine?”

I see a trend forming here.  Remember her beef with Meredith Baxter? She said Meredith was “different.”

I think Wendy has enough issues of her own, and needs to drop the “judge, jury and executioner” bit.

What do you think?

Post Date Oct 29

“Our Dad is still not buried,” says daughter of Casey Kasem

Kerri Kasem UPDATE: Our Dad is still not buried.

Bombshell regarding the Casey Kasem family!

Kerri Kasem, daughter of late broadcaster Casey Kasem, opens up about “alleged” dragon-lady-widdow, Jean Kasem.

“People who criticize and blame others are usually the ones who are committing the crimes themselves. When we were fighting to see our Dad, Jean Kasem, accused us kids of going after the money, which we NEVER did.”

“Jean Kasem is NOW going after our family trust. If you think your irrevocable trusts you set up for your loved ones are safe with MetLife… think again!,” she added.