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Post Date Oct 23

Streisand / Garland / Midler musician needs your help, now


In the music industry, there are stars. And then there are the unsung heroes that make the stars sound great. These people are known as “the band.” And without the band, the show does not go on. (The art of making art, is putting it together…)

Trumpeter, George Bean, is one of these unsung heroes. And the word hero rings true in so many ways. Because he also served his country in the military. The question is, what is it that George can’t do? Well, there’s one thing that’s in his way right now. The C word.

Look, George has worked with just about everyone who’s anybody.

  • Barbra Streisand. Check.
  • Frank Sinatra. Check.
  • Judy Garland. Check.
  • Red Skelton. Check.
  • The Rat Pack. Check.
  • Julie Andrews. Check.
  • Barrett Deems. Check.
  • Doc Severinsen and The Tonight Show Band. Check.
  • Louis Armstrong. Check.

(This is the short list.)

Listen. And do what your heart tells you to do.

Bean, a Navy vet and renown trumpet player is now an 84-year-old man battling four types of cancer. All in the fourth stage. But he’s still got the spunk of an 18-year-old, and he wants to live. And he’s getting stronger every day.

Cancer Fund for Musician George Bean via GoFundMe.com

tbHe’s such a good man, a wonderful talent, and a true patriot. But the V.A. is giving him the runaround when he needs their help the most. I think the technical phrase for this is “complete and utter bullshit.” But that’s just me.

I’ve been hanging at his pad, dusting off old records, and collecting his mail. And I stumbled upon some remarkable things,  one of which was an original sketch Tony Bennett drew of George at The Ritz Carlton in 1985.

And then I really hit pay dirt. I found a treasure trove of studio recordings by George and his trio in his enormous closet (see the video above for just one sample).

As I told his wife, Gigi: “Cleaning and organizing George’s closet was like reading his biography….”

And it was. You learn so much about a person by the things they save. He’s just too marvelous for words. Truly.

Thank you for your time, and for your support. — Michael

Post Date Oct 22

Congrats, Renée Zellweger; you are now the poor man’s Kristen Wiig


Cut the crap, Renée Zellweger.

I’ve grown older, too, but I didn’t turn into George Clooney.

I’m just an older, fatter version of my old self. In fact, I kinda-sorta still look like the photo that was taken of me at 6-months at some random photo studio my mom took me to.

That said, you owe no one any apologies — but to say your entire face changed because you are now happy and older is a lie. No one (of importance) would care if you just said, “I wanted a different face, I had some work done.”

Who knows, your new face may change your career. For better or for worse. But the fact is, you are a totally different woman. New choices, new opportunities? Hope so, because there is no going back. It’s done.

Like Jennifer Grey, you may regret your decision years from now. Or you might not. But don’t lie. Saying nothing would have been more appropriate than your bullshit story.

I loved your plump cheeks and your squinty eyes. That’s what made you, you.

Now, you’re just an unattractive version of Kristen Wiig.

Sorry for your loss, my Roxy.